Alpha Build 3 is Live! (5/14/2017)

  • Made wall jumping away from the wall less crazy
  • Fixed some wall jumping / platforming bugs
  • Image Effect Optimizations / Script Optimizations
  • Everything, not just enemies, in levels should now reset to their original values after death
  • Some Level Editor Fixes
  • Some AI Fixes
  • Changed how the Glitch Tile Trigger activates tiles, now it's more visual and 100% more awesome
  • More VFX / SFXs
  • New Glitch meter on HUD
  • New Hurt States
  • Updated Glitch effect with a red glow as it goes low
  • New world 1 levels and updates on existing levels
  • Known Issue: Some level select screens may not match the level

Files 66 MB
May 14, 2017 68 MB
May 14, 2017 75 MB
May 14, 2017 74 MB
May 14, 2017

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