Early Access Build #5

Hey Everyone, 

Sorry for how long this release has taken, our goal was to put the whole Space Rave content into this release and it ended up taking much longer than anticipated. 

We decided we'll do more incremental releases for the upcoming Twisted Temple, so you can play the levels as they are being made. 

On the bright side, this is our biggest release and we have lots of updates and fixes.

So here is what's new:

Space Rave

  • A Vibrant environment where you'll have to master Gravity to survive.
  • 25 New Levels with Challenge Variants.
  • 4 New Achievements Specifically for Space Rave.
  • A new DJing Boss.


Controller Adjustments

  • Implemented user submitted feedback on how to improve the controller experience.
  • Made it so the right stick fires and aims at the same time.
  • Disabled binding shoot because of this change. (For now)
  • Made the right trigger the Glitch default button.
  • Made it so it's more seamless to go between mouse/keyboard to controller and back. 

  Balance Changes

  • Increased fire rate by 0.03s for the Standard Shooter.
  • Increased fire rate by 0.02s for the Spread Shooter.
  • Greatly improved the accuracy of the Machine Gun Shooter.
  • Reduced Standard Shooter recoil from 65 to 55.
  • Made the Six-Shooter Flyer shoot faster.
  • Reduced F.R.E.D.'s rate of fire.
  • Made Bouncy Ball break into smaller balls only once.


New Features

  • Added a new projectile shooter that shoots bouncy projectiles.
  • Made enemy bouncy projectiles look different than the players.
  • Updated phase effect and added a muzzle flash to Phasers.
  • Added intermediate yelling states for King Greg-Gooey during the battle.
  • Added a directional arrows to Gravity Glitch trigger.
  • Added a glow script to some decorations.
  • Hooked up functionality for Twisted Temple decorations.
  • Added quicksand obstacle for Twisted Temple.
  • Added current level stats to the pause screen.
  • Added achievements button to the main menu.
  • Updated buttons look to use a rounded button.
  • Made arrows clicking in the level select screen.
  • Made clicking on the moon in moon Select select it.
  • Added purple fire around moons not completed in the Level Select screen.
  • Implemented a loading screen that shows hints when initially loading a level.


  Level Editor

  • Improved loading time when selecting the objects panel.
  • Added hotkey for flipping (F) and changing difficulty (T) on selected objects.
  • Added a controls menu where you can see hotkeys and basic controls for each panel.
  • Fixed the placements of area type obstacles like Zero-G area and Slipstream.
  • Added preview images for ambient particles.


Sound Effects

  • Added more sounds to the Six-Shooter Flyer.
  • Added roar to King Greg-Gooey's new mid-battle yells.
  • Added a "notice player" sound to the Red and Green Slimes.
  • Added a sfx to the Bomber when moving sideways.
  • Added lock on sound to Sniper Grunt / Adjusted his sounds.
  • Added sound effects to falling and moving platforms.
  • Added sounds for Bouncy Ball.
  • Added sounds to the Lasers. Bug Fixes
  • Fixed Glitch's shield so it will protect him from close range attacks and explosions.
  • Fixed a bug where Sensor Turrets lock on timing would be off.
  • Fixed F.R.E.D.'s projectiles so they hurt and not just bounce Glitch around.
  • Fixed an issue where King Greg-Gooey would lose track of you.
  • Reduced the odds of King Greg-Gooey crushing you when standing on a surface above you.
  • Made it so Sniper Grunts cannot see though walls.
  • Fixed a bug where if you have a controller connected the tutorial signs start blank.
  • Fixed quality settings to not show a blank when set to the fast setting.
  • Made grid optimizations and turned it off on the fast quality setting.
  • Fixed Challenge Objects being invisible when opening a level in the Level Editor.
  • Fixed anchor positions on decorations.

Thanks so much for your patience. If you want quick answers to questions we just started a discord channel where you'll be able to contact us directly. You can join it here: https://discord.gg/ShenUFA

Happy holidays from everyone here at Ransacked Studios! 

Keep on Glitching On!

GlenN Montalbo -- Ransacked Studios


glitchs-trip-windows-x86.zip 165 MB
Version 5 Dec 17, 2018
glitchs-trip-windows-x86_64.zip 167 MB
Version 5 Dec 17, 2018
glitchs-trip-osx-x86.zip 146 MB
Version 5 Dec 17, 2018
glitchs-trip-osx-x86_64.zip 146 MB
Version 5 Dec 17, 2018
glitchs-trip-lin-x86.zip 165 MB
Version 5 Dec 17, 2018
glitchs-trip-lin-x86_64.zip 166 MB
Version 5 Dec 17, 2018

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