Early Access Build #4

This build mainly focused on achievements and SFX improvements. We added 26 Achievements to the game!

Here is the achievements breakdown:

  • 6 are for kills and killing enemies in unique ways.
  • 4 are for speed running specific levels on certain difficulties.
  • 4 are for not getting hit on specific levels on certain difficulties.
  • 4 are for world completions. (2 are not unlockable yet)
  • 3 are for completing levels in a row with out dying.
  • 3 are for dying a certain amount of times.
  • 2 are for game completion. (not unlockable yet)

We’re still working on a hub for the DRM-Free version of our game to view them. You also might get some achievements when you start up the game if you already achieved them. We plan to add at least 12 more as the last two worlds come out. If you have any cool suggestions for achievements please let us know.

Here is a list of other improvements we did:

  • Added laser sight to sniper grunt.
  • Fixed language dropdown scrolling when using a controller.*Fixed gravity area and gravity well interaction, gravity well has priority.
  • Added a laser sight aimer when holding down controller aim.
  • Disabled property panel when deleting objects with the delete key in the level editor.
  • Made Slime King not bump into the ceiling.
  • Stopped screen shake and audio playing when respawing if you die once the Slime King dies.
  • Made it so if you die during the slime king death, you do not respawn and automatically win the level.
  • Fixed game swapping displays when minimizing while using more than one monitor.

A huge thanks to Blue Whale Audio, in helping us add a ton of audio to the game.

Here is a list of new and updated sounds:

  • Hooked up conveyor SFX.
  • Hooked up gravity area SFXs.
  • Hooked up sniper grunt SFXs.
  • Hooked up big reds death SFX.
  • Hooked up the phaser flying SFXs.
  • Hooked up zero g area SFX.
  • Hooked up F.R.E.D.’s death, collision, and turning SFXs.
  • Hooked Up slip stream SFX.
  • Hooked up zero g areas SFXs.
  • Updated zero g glitch trigger charge SFX.
  • Added first Space Rave music track.
  • Added new ambient sound implementation for lava, ambient sounds are now tied to objects.
  • Updated and added new SFXs for King Greg-gooey.
  • Added SFX for spreadshot and machinegun power ups.
  • Updated sorting order and volumes for various misc object SFX.

Lastly, our next build will be for the Space Rave world and the first cutscene! We’re really excited to bring the Space Rave levels to life, it’s a lot of fun with all the gravity manipulation that we’re doing.

As always please keep the feedback coming and keep on Glitching on!

GlenN Montalbo — Ransacked Studios


glitchs-trip-windows-x86.zip 165 MB
Version 4 Jun 26, 2018
glitchs-trip-windows-x86_64.zip 167 MB
Version 4 Jun 26, 2018
glitchs-trip-osx-x86.zip 146 MB
Version 4 Jun 26, 2018
glitchs-trip-osx-x86_64.zip 146 MB
Version 4 Jun 26, 2018
glitchs-trip-lin-x86.zip 165 MB
Version 4 Jun 26, 2018
glitchs-trip-lin-x86_64.zip 166 MB
Version 4 Jun 26, 2018

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