Early Access Build #3

This build mainly focuses on the level editor. We completely revamped the UI! We're trying to make it even easier to build levels. We also added some additional functionality.

Here is a list of level editor changes:

  • New UI! Panels selection is now on the left and panels are simplified.
  • New Save and Play quick button always visible on the panel selector.
  • Made it so you can also toggle difficult quickly and also disable objects based of difficulty.
  • New object selection shader, it's easier to tell what's selected.
  • Multi object selection (Shift) and editing. You can now edit multiple objects with the same properties all at once.
  • Made Not snapping to tile the E button, so it's quicker to toggle between snapping and not snapping.
  • You can now copy sections of tiles (Shift) and stamp them somewhere else.
  • We localized the whole level editor.

We also fixed some bugs and improved a bunch of other things!

Here is a list of our other changes and improvements in this build:

  • Fixed a bug where Gravity would revert after activating multiple Gravity Triggers.
  • Enable mouse on main menu always.
  • Turn on mouse when on win screen.
  • Pause vibration when game is paused / in feedback panel.
  • Slime King SFXs Additions / Improvements.
  • Fixed key binding bug where axis binding would not update correctly.
  • B (for xbox controllers) no longer pauses the game on xbox controllers (unless explicitly binded to).
  • Plasma enemy projectile made brighter.
  • Fixed bug where keyboard / mouse bindings would be missing on tutorial panels.
  • Fixed a bug where you would slow fall in slipstream if gravity changes.
  • Updated visual and sound effects for the shield.
  • Added 3 new Google translated languages! Thai, Swedish, and Hungarian.

Please keep the feedback coming! We are always looking at it and are trying to fix what we can.

Keep on Glitching on!

GlenN Montalbo -- Ransacked Studios


glitchs-trip-windows-x86.zip 165 MB
Version 3 Apr 07, 2018
glitchs-trip-windows-x86_64.zip 167 MB
Version 3 Apr 07, 2018
glitchs-trip-osx-x86.zip 146 MB
Version 3 Apr 07, 2018
glitchs-trip-osx-x86_64.zip 146 MB
Version 3 Apr 07, 2018
glitchs-trip-lin-x86.zip 165 MB
Version 3 Apr 07, 2018
glitchs-trip-lin-x86_64.zip 166 MB
Version 3 Apr 07, 2018

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