Early Access Build #6

Hey Everyone, 

While our last update was huge, it definitely came out way later than we wanted it to. Our plan now is to release smaller bits of content as we get it done so we have more chances to interact with you and get feedback on what you are excited about vs what could be better.

We are currently working on the last group of levels themed around a Twisted Temple. Expect a lot of smash ups from objects and enemies in the last 75 levels but adding some new unique twists to this content.

Twisted Temple
 - Added 3 new levels in for our sandy new environment, Twisted Temple.
 - Added the Pyro Grunt, who spews hot flames.

 - Made the glitch image effect more clearly reflect how much glitch power you have left.
 - Improved loading times on all loads after the first one.
 - Added a resolution picker so you can render the game at more than 1080p.
 - Moon select and level select now change the ground to reflect the tileset.
 - PlayStation button images added to menu/tutorial panels when using a PlayStation controller.
 - Reduced default volume to 70% for all volume settings.

Balance Changes
 - Reduced Sniper Grunt's health to 3 hits (standard weapon) so he's more in line with other Grunts.

Bug Fixes
 - Fixed a bug where the grid would not show until Glitch died once.
 - Fixed a bug that caused enemies to fire sometimes even after losing view of Glitch.

Sound Effects
 - Added a cool new intro sound to the main menu.
 - Added sounds for the pyro grunt.

Mac Universal Build
 - Upgraded Unity to a newer version which no longer supports separating the architectures to x86 and x64, so now there is just one universal build for both.

Thanks for sticking with us we're trying to shoot for monthly builds now. Hit us up with any feed back.

Keep on Glitching On!

GlenN Montalbo -- Ransacked Studios


glitchs-trip-osx-universal.zip 167 MB
Version 2 Apr 11, 2019
glitchs-trip-windows-x86.zip 165 MB
Version 6 Jan 22, 2019
glitchs-trip-osx-universal.zip 167 MB
Version 1 Jan 22, 2019
glitchs-trip-windows-x86_64.zip 167 MB
Version 6 Jan 22, 2019
glitchs-trip-lin-x86.zip 165 MB
Version 6 Jan 22, 2019
glitchs-trip-lin-x86_64.zip 166 MB
Version 6 Jan 22, 2019

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