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Glitch's Trip

Travel through four epic worlds by jumping, shooting, and glitching in this intense twin-stick action platformer. · By Ransacked Studios


Recent updates

Early Access Build #7
Hey Everyone, This update focuses on adding more levels to the Twisted Temple and implementing a cutscene system so we can express the game's story. Here is a l...
5 files
Early Access Build #6
Hey Everyone, While our last update was huge, it definitely came out way later than we wanted it to. Our plan now is to release smaller bits of content as we g...
6 files
Early Access Build #5
Hey Everyone, Sorry for how long this release has taken, our goal was to put the whole Space Rave content into this release and it ended up taking much longer...
6 files
Early Access Build #4
This build mainly focused on achievements and SFX improvements. We added 26 Achievements to the game! Here is the achievements breakdown: 6 are for kills and ki...
6 files
Early Access Build #3
This build mainly focuses on the level editor. We completely revamped the UI! We're trying to make it even easier to build levels. We also added some additional...
6 files
Art for World 4 - Twisted Temple
To keep things moving at a decent pace, we have been working on our next set of art assets for our final world called Twisted Temple. It is a very heavily Egypt...
Creating World 3 - Space Rave
We are in the middle of creating levels for World 3 which is themed after a Space Rave. Yup, giant speakers, hanging lights, and festival drops! World 3 is all...
Early Access Build #2
Here is Early Access Build #2! We really wanted to get the PS4 controller support in as soon as possible, so we worked all week and changed our input system to...
6 files
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